Everything You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

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everything you need to know about root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure offered in Grande Prairie; it is often recommended when the tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed. Root canal treatments are a very effective way to save a damaged tooth and relieve the discomfort associated with infected pulp.

If you’re considering getting a root canal treatment at Swanavon dental clinic, it’s important to understand what it involves and what you can expect. In this blog post, we’ll look at everything you need to know about root canal treatment, including why it is necessary and what the procedure involves. Whether you’re experiencing tooth pain or want to learn more about this common dental procedure with a dentist in Grande Prairie, we hope this guide will help you feel more informed and confident as you make decisions about your oral health.

What are the Procedures for Root Canal Treatment in Grande Prairie?

Root canal treatments offered in Grande Prairie typically involve several procedures performed by our dentist, such as removing the infected or damaged pulp from inside a tooth, cleaning and shaping the root canals, and sealing the tooth to prevent further oral health damage. The main process followed by a dentist near you to determine whether you need a root canal treatment is to examine and diagnose the affected tooth. Our dental team will require a dental x-ray to determine the extent of the damage and identify any signs of infections that are not visible to the natural eye.  After a root canal treatment consultation at Swanavon dental clinic, our dental team will proceed to schedule the root canal treatment appointment at your most convenient time.

What happens during a Root Canal Treatment?

During a root canal treatment, a dentist or endodontist new you will clear the infected pulp inside the tooth, clean the root canals, and seal the tooth to prevent further dental issues. Here’s a closer look at what happens during each step of the procedure performed by our Grande Prairie dentists:

  1. Numbing the area: Before the root canal treatment near you begins, our dental team will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. Sedation dentistry will help ensure you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the root canal procedure.
  2. Accessing the pulp: Once the area is numb, a dentist near you will create a small opening in the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals. Our team will use dental tools to carefully remove the infected pulp from the tooth.
  3. Cleaning the canals: After removing the pulp, our dentists will use specialized dental instruments to clean and shape the root canals by clearing the area of any bacteria or debris that may be present.
  4. Filling the canals: Once cleaned and dry, our dedicated team fills the canals with a rubber-like material to seal the tooth and prevent further dental issues.
  5. Sealing the tooth: Finally, our Grande Prairie dentist will place a filling or crown over the opening in the tooth to protect it and restore its function. Sometimes, a temporary filling may be placed until a dentist near you can install a permanent crown.

After receiving a root canal treatment, you may experience discomfort or sensitivity for a few days, but over-the-counter pain relievers recommended by our team will help you manage it. With proper oral care and regular dental checkups, a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can stay healthy for many years.

How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

The cost of a root canal treatment will vary depending on several factors, such as the tooth’s location and the infection’s complexity. At Swanavon Dental Clinic in Grande Prairie, we strive to provide our patients with quality dental care at affordable prices. To learn more about the prices we follow, visit our website.

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, oral pain, jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, or swollen gums, contact our Grande Prairie dental clinic today for a consultation.  We strive to provide our patients with prompt and quality dental care.