DeannaDental Hygienist

Introducing Deanna, our professional Dental Hygienist at Swanavon Dental Clinic, originating from the lively city of Grande Prairie. Possessing a passion for advancing oral health and a warm and welcoming manner, she is committed to ensuring that each patient departs with a radiant and well-maintained smile.

Deanna acquired her education from the renowned KDM Dental College International, where she refined her skills in dental hygiene. Her dedication to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in dental care ensures that patients experience the utmost quality of service during their appointments.

Before joining Swanavon Dental Clinic, Deanna enriched her skills at Northern Dental and Hygiene, where she gained valuable experience. Her extensive expertise enables her to deliver comprehensive and personalized care to every patient.

Apart from her profession, Deanna enjoys eating steak and lobster, and her preferred travel spot is Switzerland, where stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences provide inspiration and relaxation. She follows the saying “Just be yourself, because everyone else is already taken” in both her personal and work life.

With Deanna as part of our team, Swanavon Dental Clinic continues to be a place where smiles are crafted with care and patients are treated with the utmost respect and personalized attention.